Hands at Work

Hands at Work’s vision is to see the local church in Africa transforming their communities and caring for the most vulnerable. Hands are committed to working among the ‘poorest of the poor’ communities.

The work of community transformation in such broken communities with extreme HIV/AIDS, poverty and a raging orphan crisis begins with mobilising local Christian leaders through mentorship, teaching and modelling the vision of Christ’s way of servanthood. This is achieved by organising and equipping local Christian leaders to effectively provide care for the most vulnerable children, ensuring them access to basic food security, education and health care. Hands at Work identify these local Christian leaders, who are already demonstrating a passion to serve the poor and broken in their community. Hands support these leaders in developing a locally-owned organisation in their community and begin a long-term relationship of service and partnership, where a community’s capacity is increased to provide care in an effective and holistic manner.

The vision of mobilising the church is not just for local communities in Africa, though. Hands at Work believe that churches, like Church Unlimited, have much to bring and learn when visiting and providing support to vulnerable communities. Hands at Work invites you to come and see for yourself what is happening in the most vulnerable communities in Africa - your life could be changed as a result!

More Information
Email: catherine@handsatwork.org
Contact: 071 483 0318